The New Testament Gamble

I am a youth pastor. The gospel is the single truth I want my students to comprehend beyond any other before they graduate. When I was in seminary, one of my profs had us read a little book called TrueFaced, by John Lynch and Bill Thrall. I have found few other explanations of the gospel more helpful and compelling outside of the Bible. The book has since  been updated, and now goes by the title, The Cure. One particular passage in the book made me stop, put the book down, and consider my relationship with Jesus for a solid hour. It has changed my approach to the Christian life. The passage can be experienced in the video embedded below.

2 thoughts on “The New Testament Gamble

  1. dutchdds

    I love TrueFaced. I also read it years ago, have loaned about copies of that book (meaning I lost mine) and used it for a basis of one-on-one discipleship and small groups. I recently found it again in a Christian bookstore—on the bargain rack—and was challenged by it all over again! Thanks for the blog! Blessings, my brother!

    1. Stephen C. James Post author

      It’s one of the best explanations of our identity in Christ that I’ve read. I’m a youth pastor and I had our high schoolers read it. John Lynch reached out to me on Facebook a few weeks ago. He seems like a genuinely good dude.


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